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    Date: Thursday, March 30th
    Time: 10 pm

    nuuu wave and other deelights


    Date: Friday, March 31st
    Time: 10 pm

    hip wigglin' 45s from the 50s-80s


  • Work Release 9

    Date: Friday, March 31st
    Time: 9 pm

    Downtown Seattle:

    Work Release is a Dinner Series by Line Cooks, Sous Chefs, (and for tonight a rad bartender!) from around town who want to cook something outside their normal house of employment.  Chef Dezi of the Carlile Room asked them: "Work in a French bistro but want to make dumplings?  Ultra-fine dining all week got you in the mood to fry chicken on the weekend?  Or are you ready to try your hand at avante garde vegetarian Sri Lankan cuisine?  Nothing is off Limits." 

    We invite you to come taste something unexpected from the cooks you know and love.

    Without further ado The Carlile Room presents Work Release.

    Join us for Round 9 as Carlile Room’s bartender Felicia Chin-Braxton leaves her legacy!   

    The Drinks and Menu ~  

    Trinidad: Trinidad Sour with House Blend Bitters

    Mexico: Hisbiscus Margarita

    Cuba: Cuba Libre with Cola Reduction

    Puerto Rico: Piña Colada Milkshake

    Brazil: Charred or Burnt Lime Caipirinha

    A Whole bunch of drinking snacks will be made by Chef Dezi.

    $40.00 (includes drinks, paired with drinking snacks, service charge and tax) 

    Purchase Tickets Here

    About Felicia Chin-Braxton:

    Felicia’s dad traveled around the world bartending and his stories were so romanticized, since those stories Felicia wanted to bartend when she grew up.  Felicia got her start in sports bars and a fine dining diner.  She started to geek about cocktails a few years ago when she realized there was a whole other side to bartending which became crafting.  She loves to sip on a good whiskey or shoot a great tequila. 

    Born and raised NW Native with tropical blood (aka Jamaican) a flare for tiki, citrusy, flavorful cocktails. The chilly weather is always challenging for Felicia so she thought she would bring the tropics to us this spring for Work Release 9!

    Friday, March 31st happens to sadly be our much-loved Felicia’s last night at the Carlile Room and bartending in Seattle before she moves to New York City!  Her Work Release will certainly leave her legacy in chilly Seattle!



    Please contact Amy at with any questions

    We hope to see you at Work Release 9!

    ARTWORK BY: Patrick Nguyen